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ALTIS - Alta Scuola Impresa e Società - Universita' Cattolica TUTTI I CORSI/MASTER DELL'OPERATORE

The Master provides students with the skills and knowledge required to become innovative and successful managers, entrepreneurs and consultants of tomorrow's global economy.

Upon completion of the programme, you will learn how to understand the strategic drivers of long-term success of a company, how to recognize the challenges and opportunities of the international economy and how to leverage on the issues of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability and impact management in order to turn them into sound, innovative and socially responsible business opportunities.  

A concrete approach to business, a concrete approach to your future career


The master will provide students with an outstanding academic preparation based on practical and interactive teaching methods that include workshops led by international experts and managers from multinationals and start-up, which represent also an excellent networking opportunity.

Students will be guided in the first steps of their professional career through the development of an assigned three-month Action Project / Internship. Through the programme, you will:

  • Develop the ability to manage complexity in businesses, especially those with global expansion plans.
  • Attain the skills to analyse a company using the appropriate metrics, identify strengths and weaknesses and conceive innovative and effective business development plans, as entrepreneurs or strategic consultants.
  • Acquire the knowledge and tools to draw up sound and sustainable business and marketing plans for new entrepreneurial initiatives that need to operate locally and compete globally. 

Entry Requirements

  • A minimum three-year university degree Completion of an undergraduate degree, obtained after a minimum of 3 years of study (180 ECTS). If you have undertaken less than 15 years of total schooling, you are not eligible for admission to a graduate program. Applicants may have various backgrounds with a preference for students from Business Administration, Economics or Engineering studies.

Students with an Italian Bachelor Degree can apply even if not graduated yet. Graduation must be obtained within the last session of the academic year 2019/20 (April 2021).  

  • English Proficiency Students are requested to prove an excellent knowledge of the English language. Applicants whose first language is not English should prove to have English fluency corresponding to either:
    • having obtained certification (TOEFL overall score of at least 80, or an Academic IELTS overall score of at least 6.0,  other certificates may be considered as well);
    • having attended a full bachelor degree in English;
    • having alternative valid experience (presumably in English speaking countries) can be considered and will be directly examined during the selection interview.
  • Strong motivation, managerial and entrepreneurial orientation, internationalization and innovative businesses will add value to your candidacy.

Courses structure

The Master offers a blended format, combining online courses - that can be attended remotely - and in-class courses, followed by the Action Project. Here is the general Master's outline.

Important dates: 

  • Mid-September 2020: start of online courses Candidates applying after this date will access online courses as soon as the selection and admission process is completed
  • End of October 2020: start of in-class activities
  • June/ July 2021 -  September 2021: action project + online courses

The attendance is compulsory. In-class courses take place  from Monday to Friday (in the morning and/or in the afternoon).

Students of the Master in Strategic Management for Global Business will receive a comprehensive training related to the whole process of leading global businesses.  The curricular courses can be grouped in four main areas. As for the in class activities, they are clustered in 4 terms. Exams take place at the end of each term.

1. Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Strategic planning is the foundation for approaching new and global markets. You will acquire a comprehensive set of competencies to tackle the challenges provided by local and international business, enabling you to start building your success story whether with your own start-up or as part of a large organisation. 

  • Introduction to Strategic Management (Online course)

  • Business Strategy

  • Corporate Strategy

  • Innovation and Sustainability

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Business Planning

2. Managing Business Organisation and Project Management 

Managers are required to develop overarching strategies to coordinate and integrate resources efficiently. You will be provided with specific competencies relevant to international HR and Project Management, fostering a multicultural mindset in approaching global issues.

  • Leadership Organisation and International HR Management

  • Multicultural Management

  • Operations

  • Project Management 

3. Finance and Economics 

Do you find numbers and, above all, how to interpret them a challenge? Solid economic and financial competencies are essential to managers, who need to collect and analyse data in order to evaluate business performances and redesign strategies with confidence. 

  • Introduction to Economics (Online course)

  • Economics and Globalisation

  • Basic Accounting (Online course)

  • Financial Accounting

  • Managerial Accounting

  • Global Finance

4. Marketing and Sales

Even the most brilliant business ideas will not succeed if companies fail to target the right people with the most effective message, using incisive channels.  You will learn how to implement fundamental marketing tools to build up an effective online-offline marketing and sales strategy.

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Digital Strategies

  • Sales Strategy

  • Communication and Promotion (Online course)

  • Sales Operations (Online courses)

Excel Lab

In today's market, companies look for efficient managers who are able to analyse data in a fast, accurate and meaningful way. This workshop, based on working through the vast possibilities of automated spreadsheets, will help you discover areas for improvement in your own number-crunching skills and offer the chance to fill the gaps in your technical skillset. 

Extra - curricular courses

In addition to the Master's rich curricular programme, students will also have access to other workshops that will contribute to their individual personal development.  

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a methodology used by designers to solve complex problems and find desirable solutions for clients. In this short extra course we will provide our students with a unique opportunity to revolutionise their approach to learning, collaboration, and problem-solving, to develop a creative and innovative mindset.

Personal Coaching

Nowadays, a well-written CV, a well-thought-out job search strategy, and an effective presentation are all must-haves if you are to succeed in the competitive job market. The Master offers group and one-to-one coaching sessions to boost your confidence and give you a solid foundation when presenting yourself in front of companies and business partners.

A key  element of the programme is the three-month Action Project, a unique learning-by-doing opportunity to put into practice and further develop the competencies and skills acquired during the Master. A tailor-made tutoring process will accompany and support you in undertaking your Action Project.

The Master offers four types of Action Project:

  • Consultancy project: a concrete opportunity for you to test your problem-solving, project management and teamwork skills, by supporting a company interested in internationalisation, or with entrepreneurial or market development plans  
  • Business plan: your chance to develop either an original business and marketing plan for your start-up or a strategic development plan for an existing company such as your family-owned business  
  • Research study: an opportunity to produce an academic paper, elaborating on a specific topic covered by the programme.   
  • Internship: a real on-the-job experience and a first step on your future career path, made possible by ALTIS' extensive network of companies, institutions and associations. A fluent knowledge of the Italian language is a pre-requisite to find an internship in Italy.

The comprehensive training which the Master provides across all company functions is reflected in the track record of previous participants, who have proved highly adaptable in taking up employment in a wide range of industry sectors and job functions.  The graphs here reported show historical data relating to previous internships, the first step in most of our students' professional careers.

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