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The Major in Customer Experience Management aims at providing a real understanding of the customer and the variables that influence its experience in the multiple interactions with the company.

Today more than ever, customers expect personalized experiences, a “transparent” relationship, efficient delivery and immediate satisfaction. There is no doubt that through the managerial management of the service it is possible to improve the Customer Experience and generate an advantage in the new competitive arena where product, quality and price are no longer sufficient to have full customer satisfaction. For these reasons, the Major in Customer Experience Management aims at providing a real understanding of the customer and the variables that influence its experience in the multiple interactions with the company. It represents a fundamental requirement for any organization that aspires to become “customer-centric”.


The Master’s Degree Programme in Marketing Management – Major in Customer Experience Management is a one-year Master of Science equivalent to “Master Universitario di I livello” in accordance with the Italian university system. It provides students with at least 60 ECTS – European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. At the end of the Programme, the Master’s Diploma “Master Universitario di I livello” will be conferred to participants who have passed exams or others assessment tests envisaged in the study program.

Target audience of the Major in Customer Experience Management

The Major in Customer Experience Management is aimed at recent graduates — or those graduating soon — interested in developing competencies in the industry.

Learning Labs

Learning labs focus on personal development and are tailored to specific focuses. Students develop cross-functional and soft skills by attending sessions during which they will: cultivate intellectual flexibility; develop problem solving skills; learn to adapt to diverse situations; refine cross-cultural awareness.

Employability Lab

The lab aims to help students to further develop the ten key skills outlined by the World Economic Forum 2020. The lab is organised in collaboration with Luiss Business School’s Career Service Office.

AdVenture Lab

This lab aims to create an entrepreneurial framework and to allow students to put what they have learnt in class into practice. Students learn basic mechanisms that allow them to launch a new business by means of a business plan. The lab provides students with useful insights to lay out a business idea, create a business plan, draft a marketing and fundraising campaign, and define the organisational structure.

Social, Environmental and Impact Lab

This lab sensitises students to current global issues related to sustainability. Students analyse business cases and present creative and innovative solutions that consider social, economic and environmental impact. Students then come up with solutions that to decrease the impact on a social, environmental and economic scale.

Creativity Lab

This lab allows students to develop and acquire new skills using their creativity. The lab helps participants to create a work environment that values individuals by increasing personal motivation and favouring integration with other group components in order to obtain better results.

Digital Skills Lab

The Digital Skills Lab increases students’ comprehension of the organisational impact that the digital era has on businesses.

Project Management Lab

The lab aims to provide the vocabulary and basic knowledge of the Project Management field in order to effectively contribute to various aspects of the planning and execution of a project. Furthermore, the lab highlights the critical success factors of a project. The lab gives students basic knowledge of Project Management concepts, highlighting the fundamental differences between a project and a programme. Students study the five group processes for the management of a project.

How-to-Present Lab

This lab gives students the presentation tools necessary for the world of business. The lab is divided into four sections: personal branding, writing with impact, public speaking & pitching.

Career prospects

The programme puts students on career paths in a wide range of organisations in positions such as:

  • Customer Experience Consultant, Customer Insights and Journey Specialist
  • Customer Relationship Management Specialist
  • Customer Experience Design Specialist
  • Brand and Customer Specialist
  • Customer Experience Manager

Career Service

The Career Service Office offers students customised services to support them develop their skills and abilities while helping them find satisfying jobs and careers. The Career Service team supports student in defining their career path, and in arranging meetings with companies to explore job and internship opportunities.

The Career Service Office is also responsible for the Employability Lab, with the aim of developing the students’ self-awareness on a key set of Soft Skills, and to build a personal Action Plan which will maximise self-efficacy in a working environment.

Career Service Activities

Over the academic year, activities are organised into different steps to have a good understanding of students’ profiles in order to match them with the most suitable employers.

Events and activities include:

  • Career counselling: focus on understanding and building students’ professional profiles.
  • Orientation to job-market rules: help students define their career paths, building their digital identity and increasing their interview skills.
  • Business presentations: take part in conferences and meetings with executives to better understand the business world and the fields in which those executives work.
  • Employer engagement: work with employers to find the best way to promote their reputation and make the most of their collaboration with Luiss Business School as part of their brand strategy.
  • E-career book: make student CVs available online to companies and institutions for recruitment.
  • Internships: take students from the classroom to the office. The CS supports students in their search for internship opportunities.

Career development e network with companies

The Career Service Office sits on the corporate advisory boards of all Luiss Business School one-year Master’s Degree Programme, acting as an internal business intelligence office and providing feedback on employer needs in terms of competencies and skills. The programme’s boards and coordinators can integrate these requirements into programmes, tracks and laboratories.

Every year, more than 100 career-development events and workshops are held on campus, mostly involving employers and alumni. These activities connect students with recruiters and managers while giving them first-hand information on recruitment programmes and career paths.

Moreover, some of these events are designed to foster students’ personal development.

Career support projects Competency-based interview simulation


The curriculum of the Major in Customer Experience Management is designed to ensure and support the progressive professional and personal growth of students who benefit from a productive learning experience: lessons, case studies, group work sessions, and a high-level faculty comprised of both academics and professionals.

Induction week

The induction week is an introductive week to the Major in Customer Experience Management during which students can settle in and familiarise themselves with life on campus. Ice-breaking labs, seminars, workshops, and presentations allow students to meet their classmates and get a better idea of the services offered by Luiss Business School, as well as curricular and extracurricular activities.

General management

  • Strategy
  • Economics of Strategy
  • Accounting & Performance Measurement
  • Financial Management
  • Organization and People Management
  • Business Law

Core courses

  • Advanced Marketing Management
  • Marketing Metrics

Advanced courses

  • Marketing research, customer analytics & big data per il Marketing
  • Decision Making Processes
  • Service Marketing
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing
  • Customer Experience Management
  • CRM & Customer Knowledge
  • Technology & CX Innovation
  • Acquisition, Cross-selling & Loyalty
  • Customer Engagement & Branding
  • Customer Behaviour in B2B Market

Learning Labs

Learning labs focus on personal development. During the programme, students develop cross-functional and soft skills by attending sessions to cultivate intellectual flexibility, develop problem solving skills, learn to adapt in diverse situations and refine cross-cultural awareness.


The curricular internship is generally done at the end of the Major in Customer Experience Management and represents an opportunity for students to combine theory and hands-on experience, coming into direct contact with professionals working in the industry. The Career Service Office supports students in their search for internship opportunities, thus helping to broaden their career prospects and giving them the possibility to acquire the necessary work experience, increasing and improving their skills and expanding their business network.

Direction and Coordination Scientific Director

Matteo De Angelis, Full Professor of Marketing, Luiss University



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