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The Major in Business Transformation is designed for graduates who wish to acquire the distinctive capabilities and knowledge required to merge business and technology-driven strategies.

Business Transformation

Objectives of the Major in Business Transformation

The digital ecosystem impacts every business: the transformation affects organisational structures, brand positioning, customer experience, marketing and communication strategies, as well as the integration of back-end processes.

IT providers and agencies are devoting substantial resources to support businesses to carry out impactful digital initiatives and succeed in their digital transformation process.

This Programme develops digital capabilities, managerial skills and leadership techniques required to succeed in firms operating in the digital ecosystem or in businesses undergoing a digital transformation process.

The Major in Business Transformation aims to prepare professional capable of:

  • adapting corporate strategies through the implementation of integratedservices and products
  • adding value in companies, contributing to the development of innovative ideas
  • building T-shaped capabilities, providing the business foundation to leverage digital expertise and become industry leaders
  • creating and protecting a company’s web reputation, adopting new digital communication channels
  • extract, interpreting and protecting information coming from complex data analysis
  • reinventing the customer experience, exploiting new digital channels and techniques useful for the whole organisation
  • reengineering operational processes, gaining a wide understanding of the potential changes in firm practices to adapt to new digital technologies
  • understanding the protection methods expected by cyber law.


The Master’s Degree Programme in Management and Technology – Major in Business Transformation provides students with 60 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

Target audience of the Major in Business Transformation

The Major in Business Transformation is aimed at recent graduates — or those graduating soon — interested in developing competencies in the industry.

Career prospects

The programme puts students on career paths in a wide range of organisations in the industry, in positions such as:

  • Digital Communication Manager
  • Digital Insights Analyst
  • Digital Officer
  • Digital Strategist
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • CX and UX Consultant
  • IT Consultant
  • Strategic Consultant

The curriculum of the Major in Business Transformation is designed to ensure and support the progressive professional and personal growth of students who benefit from a productive learning experience: lessons, case studies, group work sessions, and a high-level faculty comprised of both academics and professionals.

During the Master’s Degree Programme, students receive constant support from the Career Service Office that helps them increase their employability and find a curricular internship.

Induction week

The induction week is an introductive week to the Major in Business Transformation during which students can settle in and familiarise themselves with life on campus. Ice-breaking labs, seminars, workshops, and presentations allow students to meet their classmates and get a better idea of the services offered by Luiss Business School, as well as curricular and extracurricular activities.

General management

The general management courses aim to give all students the necessary business management foundations in order to better understand new concepts that are introduced during the core and advanced courses. The general management courses provide students with an overview that is highly useful upon entering the job market.

  • Accounting & Financial Management
  • Organisation & HR Management
  • Economics of Strategy
  • Econometrics and Statistics

Core courses

The core courses introduce students to industry-focused concepts that are specific to this major. These courses provide students with the key principles and skills they need to better understand their chosen sector.

  • Digital Economics
  • Managing Business Digitisation: Predicting Organisational Impact
  • Adapting Firm Strategy to the Digital Age
  • How to Establish a Digital Positioning
  • Reimagining the Customer Experience

Advanced courses

The advanced courses provide students with an in-depth perspective on specific aspects of international business, adopting a more practical approach.

  • Data Analysis, Mobility, Proximity and App-Based Marketing
  • Digital & Mobile Innovation Management
  • Managing Cyber Security and Cyber Law
  • Mastering Digital Governance
  • Reengineering Operational Processes

Learning Labs

Learning labs focus on personal development. During the programme, students develop cross-functional and soft skills by attending sessions to cultivate intellectual flexibility, develop problem solving skills, learn to adapt in diverse situations and refine cross-cultural awareness.


The curricular internship is generally done at the end of the Major in Business Transformation and represents an opportunity for students to combine theory and hands-on experience, coming into direct contact with professionals working in the industry. The Career Service Office supports students in their search for internship opportunities, thus helping to broaden their career prospects and giving them the possibility to acquire necessary work experience, both increasing and improving their skills while expanding their business network.

Field project

The field project is a great opportunity for students to put into practice the knowledge and competences acquired during the Master’s Degree Programme. Each type of field project helps students to move faster in their career path. Students will combine theory and practice, build professional connections, gain relevant work experience, strengthen their creative and analytical skills, thus increasing their future employability.

The field project can be one of the following:

  • internship: from educational training to reality, students participate in an internship that follows the educational programme
  • entrepreneurial project: students develop their own business idea, from the idea creation to the business plan and go-to-market;
  • research project:students develop a research-based project on a subject selected with faculty members

Academic Calendar

The Master’s Degree Programme in Management and Technology – Major in Business Transformation lasts 12 months and is divided in 4 terms.

Direction and Coordination Scientific Director

Federica Brunetta, Assistant Professor of Corporate Strategy and Technology and of Innovation Management, Luiss Business School

Scientific Coordinators

Maximo Ibarra, Chief Executive Officer, Sky Italia Tatjana Schneidmüller, Assistant Professor of Strategy, Luiss Business School

Scientific Committee

Mario Derba, Vice President, Citrix Area, Western & Southern Europe Rosella Lehnus, Director, Disruptive Merger and Acquisitions, Deloitte Alberto Mattiacci, Full Professor of Marketing, Sapienza Università di Roma Luca Pirolo, Professor of Management and Head of Master’s Programmes, Luiss Business School Andrea Prencipe, Rector, Luiss Guido Carli University Leonardo Quattrocchi, Adjunct Professor, Luiss Business School Pietro De Giovanni, Professor of Management, Luiss Guido Carli University Fabrizio Virtuani, Adjunct professor, Luiss Business School

Partners Corporate Advisory Board

The Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) — composed of the Master’s Degree Programme Scientific Committee and representatives of the most important firms in the industry — aims to ensure student employability and business partner satisfaction.

The objective of the programme is to transmit a body of knowledge that encompasses new technologies, and an understanding of industry dynamics through the involvement of companies that act as a bridge between the classroom and the job market.

During the CAB our Corporate Partners:

  • Cooperate in the program design: sharing its objectives, curriculum, processes and training program
  • Participate in teaching and coordinating activities: with business managers contributing on-the-job experience
  • Support the Career Service team: through the field project, a key opportunity for students to be involved in a company experience

International Experience Alternative term abroad

Students can spend two months abroad with one of our partner schools during the third term of their Master’s Degree Programme.

Extra semester abroad

Students can attend an additional semester at one of the partner schools, from September to December/January, after having completed their Major in Business Transformation at Luiss Business School.

Summer School

During the summer, students can attend Summer Schools at one of our partner universities. Students can take part in more than one international experience, as long as there are enough places available. The list of available partner schools may slightly change each academic year.



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