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The LUISS MBA offers the connections to your future whether your ambition lies in starting a business or changing a large organization, transforming your world or changing the wider world.  The LUISS MBA is your platform for new business thinking.

The LUISS MBA offers the connections to your future whether your ambition lies in starting a business or changing a large organization, transforming your world or changing the wider world.  The LUISS MBA is your platform for new business thinking.


1. Your personalized MBA learning experience Peer-to-peer learning and interaction through seminars, role-plays, case studies, business games and projects deliver a personalized experience for your MBA.  Add in specialist labs for digital, entrepreneurial and communication skills and your MBA is tailored to ensure you reach your course goals.

2. From Italy to your world Backed by the confederation representing the Italian corporate sector, Confindustria, wherever you look there are connections from classroom to company.  Benefit from a network with over 2000 firms and highly qualified professionals who grow the MBA experience through workshops, conferences and meetings.

3. At the heart of Rome, at the summit of business education There is no place like Rome. The city is a cultural melting pot, its historic center listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Rome inspires new business thinking.  And as an EQUIS-accredited international business school, LUISS is part of a group of only 1% of the world’s top schools, ensuring the highest standards for your education.

4. The power of diversity Driven by diversity in teaching and learning, the LUISS MBA powers an international experience. A multicultural classroom connects you to the world, learning from the experience of others, drawing on their diverse skills and embracing their approaches to problem solving.


  • Undergraduate Degree in any discipline
  • At least 3 years’ work experience
  • The LUISS Admission Test (mandatory)


Prior to the admission test, candidates should send the following documents:

  • COPY OF DEGREE CERTIFICATE. Once admitted in the program, international students should provide the Diploma Supplement or a Declaration of Value of the degree certificate.
  • TOEFL/IELTS certificate (optional)
  • GMAT/GRE certificate (optional)
  • ADMISSION FEE RECEIPT EUR 105 admission fee (nonrefundable)


The LUISS MBA combines classroom theory and practice with hands on seminars and an out-of-the-classroom field project. Students acquire a thorough knowledge of the functional areas of business leadership and management as well as practical skills to put their learning to work.

The program is divided into 5 terms, and at the end of each term students are required to take exams. Students begin with the core disciplinary areas. They end by selecting a functional track and an industry focus to develop a more flexible curriculum and focus on a particular area of interest. The program ends after the Field projects.


The core business courses help you to understand the fundamental operational and strategic business concepts.

The core courses belong to the following disciplinary areas:

  • Accounting, Finance and Banking
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Organization and People Management
  • Innovation and Operations
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Quantitative Methods

Terms 1, 2, 3, 4 LEARNING LABS

Starting from Term 1, students take part in the Learning Labs, including an AdVenture Lab that allows them to develop an entrepreneurial project as well as Labs in Soft Skills, Social and Environmental Impact, Project Management, Digital Transformation and Big Data.


Leader for Talent (#L4T) is a series of meetings with speakers from the corporate world. The meetings are with business leaders from major organizations, oriented to management best practices and designed to offer the opportunity to debate current business issues to enrich your professional and soft skills.


To enrich their curricula, students select both an Industry Focus and a Functional Track to tailor the program to suit their needs and build a personal job profile.


Students can choose among a variety of industries to get a general knowledge of different sectors, identifying the key players and the relevant trends. All the focuses are presented by high-ranking managers from each sector.

Aviation: Study the unique features of the aviation industry, including the unique management and leadership challenges of the sector.

Banking: The banking industry is facing deep change. Learn about the service models and product offers that future banks will need to survive and prosper. Understand how banks must adapt to customers’ needs by providing new products, services and channels.

Energy: Focus on the competitive and institutional environment of the energy industry, including all the firms acting in the energy value chain, energy generation and distribution.

Entertainment: Learn about the sectors in which the main resources are intangible assets, such as music, film, books, games and television. These industries include businesses focused on the creation and exploitation of intellectual property rights, together with artistic and culture features.

Health and Pharmaceutical: Study the key characteristics of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Students will learn about managing firms operating in a multinational environment across the sector, covering everything from research to marketing as well as changing industry dynamics.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT): Use the most advanced tools to understand the latest industry trends. Identify how technology is creating new development paths for business ideas and strategies.

Luxury and Fashion: The Italian luxury and fashion industry is one of the most important industries in Italy and a leading driver of the economy. Examine how the entry of new international leaders has introduced innovative marketing techniques such as CRM, brand stretching and experiential marketing and understand their role in delivering sustainable competitive advantage.

Tourism: Being at the heart of globalization, the tourism industry has gained major economic importance over the last 50 years. Study the impact of substantial growth in the tourism sector including the latest trends such as sustainable tourism, as well as the significant economic contribution that tourism makes in Italy and around the world.


Each track consists of 3 advanced courses on the chosen topic.

Business Restructuring Companies may suffer for a variety of reasons (i.e. marketplace dynamics or internal triggers) that can reduce profit and cash flows. The track aims at analyzing decisive actions that companies may implement in order to restore performance and value creation. 

Financial Management Going beyond numbers, the track is designed to analyze a wide range of financial tools and techniques for financial planning and investment valuation. Practice centered, the track adopts an international perspective.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship The track provides the tools to imagine, realize and bring innovative projects on the market, which can be new technologies, new business models or entrepreneurial firms. It allows future managers and entrepreneurs to access the competencies needed to realize radical innovative leaps.

M&As and Corporate Strategy In the modern globalized world, the ability to manage a firm’s growth has become a priority in the corporate agenda of most companies. The course includes an in-depth analysis of the two main paths for growth, internal and external, including mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances and joint ventures.

Management of International Business The track provide students with an understanding of how corporate strategies are merged into the organization policies and management activities of an international company. The core of the track is related to the process of developing and deploying strategic resources over a broad array of geographical markets. The aim is to provide students with the tools and instruments needed to analyze the international arena, as well as the internal core competences needed in a global environment.

 Marketing The track aims at analyzing and discussing three of the hottest topics in contemporary marketing: social media marketing and communication, brand equity building and management, and omni-channel design and management. The courses will enable students to enter the job market with an updated view and competence about the most relevant issues that marketing, sales and communications managers face.

Reinventing the Supply Chain In recent years, innovative supply chain management is playing a crucial role in improving a firm’s performance. Not just concerning cost reduction, the supply chain revolution is a driver to radically improve and innovate the customer experience and create value. Additionally, managing the supply chain in a sustainable manner, using the triple bottom line concept – social, environmental and economic – has become an increasing concern for organizations of all sizes and across a wide range of industries. This track covers a complete set of concepts and tools to reinvent supply-chain operations.

A minimum of seven students are required for an elective to be run during the program.


Global business calls for leaders with cross-border capabilities. The MBA helps you gain also insights into global markets and trends through academic, social and cultural activities with an international focus, including cross-country business case competitions and the opportunity to spend a term abroad in the international exchange program.

Business Case Competition Team-based business case competitions for testing and developing entrepreneurial, managerial and problem-solving abilities in cross-country. Teams are tasked with solving complex business challenges, often with colleagues at a range of highly-regarded international business schools.

International Week The MBA International Week organized for the 26th LUISS MBA, focuses on Made-in-Italy and aims to bring together talented students from international business schools. Business Case “Benetton Sales Distribution Channel Strategy – The Franchising Expansionis developed in collaboration with Benetton Group. The program structure includes workshops held by Benetton Guest Speakers and LUISS Faculty, group works on business case, a learning tour to Benetton distinctive locations and side events. During this week, students will have a great chance to meet and interact with the Benetton team.

International Exchange Program LUISS Business School offers the opportunity to complete the MBA through an Exchange Program with leading international business schools and universities including:

Australia Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

China Fudan University, School of Management Hong Kong Baptist University, School of Business

Croatia Zagreb School of Economics and Management

Estonia Estonian Business School

France EM Lyon Business School ESSEC School of Business

Japan Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, Graduate School of Business

Mexico IPADE Business School

USA Florida International University, Chapman Graduate School Indiana University, Kelley School of Business University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Kenan-Flagler Business School University of San Diego, School of Business

Vietnam Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology


The business world is rapidly evolving and increasingly more international. Knowledge of cultural differences is necessary and expected among business leaders in EU, BRICS, MENA and NAFTA countries. You will develop crucial skills and knowledge of how business is conducted in the world’s various economies.



Learning LABs

Labs build managerial and relationship skills.


Our innovative AdVenture Lab provides you with the skills and knowledge to create and manage new business ventures. Faculty members and professional mentors supervise training sessions, live case studies and knowledge-sharing events to help you design a new business and further develop your entrepreneurial mindset. AdVenture showcases talent while turning your challenge into an opportunity.

Focus areasThe AdVenture Lab is designed to enhance skills and expertise in three critical areas:

  • Business Modeling
  • Business Planning
  • Business Funding

Project MBAs work on a collaborative project with their peers to create a venture in one of the following categories:

  • Corporate Venture: Developing solutions to meet the needs of an established company
  • Start-up Venture: Strategic planning for the growth of a newly-established business venture
  • New Venture: Business planning and modelling to bring your team’s own idea to life


Fuel your competitive spirit to create an outstanding project and be in the running to receive the prized Marco Sonnino MBA AdVenture Award, presented to the team with the best AdVenture project on Graduation Day.


Through the Soft Skills Lab, students develop competencies and skills to face business challenges.  The Lab helps students explore how to engage effectively in organizations and to discover their limits and capabilities. Key skills learned include teamwork and team-building, effective communication skills, negotiation skills and leadership.


Leadership requires a wide vision of business. Ethics, responsibility and sustainability are three dimensions that managers must embrace and understand to achieve better leadership, stronger stakeholder relationships, a long-term perspective and more efficient resource management. For that reason, we offer students the chance to apply their creativity to solve real problems encountered by NGOs, social entrepreneurs or institutions. Students participate in helping these organizations to bridge social and environmental impact and the business economy.


The Project Management lab identifies the project characteristics: objectives, stakeholders and organization. It provides students with the skills to formalize the project scope, create the work breakdown structure (WBS) and manage processes and tools.


More and more, the challenge in business is to effectively lead and manage change, to find new solutions to old problems, to add a dash of creativity and cut through the complexity of corporate life. The Creativity Lab takes students on a journey through the analysis of real case studies that have used a “creative” approach to build innovative solutions. The Lab helps students to develop a creative approach to implement problem solving and solution delivery in business.

Digital Transformation Lab

Students learn the analysis, integration and presentation of business facts. The purpose of business intelligence is to enable better business decisions, to provide historical, current, and predictive analyses of business operations. The lab is committed to let students deliver and merge solutions promptly to Market Business related issues.

Big Data Lab

The students work on specific data sets to address a business issues and identify its key aspects and possible solutions. The full data discovery cycle is covered from data ingestion to data wrangling to data visualizations.



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